Thomas H. Hafner, DMD

RdrMy father was the first in the family to become a dentist and it was through his influence that I decided to follow in his footsteps.  Because I liked helping and caring for people and their health needs, I knew it was the profession for me.

As a dentist, I am thorough and meticulous and aspire to achieve nothing less than perfection for my patients.  I get tremendous satisfaction out of making them happy and healthy.

I obtained both my undergraduate degree in biology (1985) and my degree in General Dentistry (DMD, 1989) from Farleigh Dickinson University.  My General Practice Residency was earned while working with my dad who practiced dentistry for over 40 years.  I served as Clinical Professor at Bergen Community College for many years and am presently a Fellow at ICOI (International College of Implantology).

Educational advancement is an integral part of my practice and for me it will be a life-long pursuit.  Post Graduate education improves the level of care for my patients as a result of learning more advanced concepts, applying them, and introducing new technology to the office.

I am presently a member of the International College of Implantology (implants), the American Academy of Gnathological Orthopedics (orthodontic, braces), the prestigious Pankey Institute (crowns and bridges), the Huggins Institute, the ADA (American Dental Association), and the Bergen County Dental Association, all of which help renew my educational experience.