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Dr. Hafner

Dr. Hafner graduated from Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr.- College of Dental Medicine in 1989. He practiced complementary dentistry with his father for 13 years (part of which was used as an internship) offering patients a choice of alternative and conventional services. He received his externship in Pediatrics at Long Island Jewish Hospital. A residency on gnatholgical rehabilitation of the mouth with crown and bridge was accomplished with Dr. Gustov Swab, a protégé of Dr. Charles E. Stuart (developer of the Stuart Articulator).

During the years he spent with his father he developed a mobile dental unit, which serviced nursing homes, the homebound and handicapped. Dr. Hafner did research on periodontal disease with Dr. Ira Lamster. Later on he did research on different mouthwashes and toothpastes at Lever Brothers International and finally on using the phase contrast microscope on the effect of different dentifrices on the microbes in the mouth.

Throughout his career Dr. Hafner studied advanced concepts in orthodontics with the AAGO, (an organization that promotes non-extraction techniques of treating orthodontic cases with the use of a Crozat appliance), advanced concepts on the placement of implants and sinus lift procedures with Dr. Ken Hebel, gum surgery with Dr. Jon Suzki, root canal training with Dr. George Meinig author of the "The Root Canal Cover-Up", neurofocal therapy with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, alternative dentistry studies with Dr. Hal Huggins and classes with Dr. Patricia Kane PhD, director of the Neurolipid Research Foundation.

Dr. Hafner is a member of the ADA, IAOMT and the AAGO. He is also president of the N.J. Holistic Society, an organization that educates people on good health practices that help maintain overall health.

And not to diminish - he uses state-of-the-art air filtration and ionization systems to keep vapors and particles out of the air. This makes the environment in the office a healthier place to treat patients.

For further information and questions call Dr. Hafner at 201-327-7757 or email Dr. Hafner.